Rainbows Fife County with a light blue background.

Rainbows welcomes all girls from 4 to 7 years old for play, learning and tons of fun in a colourful, safe space. This is a place where your little one can stretch her wings – trying new things and putting her energy to good use under the watchful eyes of our caring volunteers. She’ll laugh, sing and make a happy mess (and help clear it up!) with special friends in regular meetings.

She can choose her way through our programme of activities: getting creative with crafts, learning through games and stories, exploring indoors and out, even going on her first sleepover. She’ll have plenty of magic moments to tell you all about: she might become a time traveller, an animal tracker, a pop singer, a stargazer. Rainbows is a wonderful world of adventure, week after week, just for her.

Here is the link to join today -> Rainbows – Join