There are LOADS of funding sources out there to help your unit! Whether your unit is brand new and needs a start up grant or you are looking for a funding for help towards programme materials, equipment, annual subscriptions, trips, uniforms and much much more then the following links might be helpful to you!

Girlguiding Fife – have you approached your district or division for information about Fife Resilience Fund? If not please do so – this is not just for use of supporting units to be able to afford annual subscriptions but is open all year round.

Girlguiding Scotland – have a whole range of funding sources – check out their website Girlguiding Scotland – grants and funding projects for the full range or look below for individual links

Looking for funding to support those with additional needs to access guiding –

Special needs fund – Girlguiding Scotland

Accessible guiding grant – Girlguiding Scotland

Setting up a new unit –

Trefoil Guild – new unit grant

Gannochy Joining Guiding grant – Girlguiding Scotland

Unit funding to develop, sustain and grow your unit

Gannochy Joining Guiding grant – Open to existing units – Girlguiding Scotland

Generation Cashback – Guides and Rangers – Girlguiding Scotlan

Non Guiding Funding Avenues:

Arnold Clark Community Fund – can be accessed by units, districts and divisions (need a charity number) for varying levels of grants to help support unit projects –

The Arnold Clark Community Fund | Arnold Clark – this periodically opens during the year

Coop Funding –

Who can apply for the Co-op Local Community Fund – Co-op (

LSCT – The Leslie Sell Charitable Trust – makes small grants to Groups to help with the cost of making repairs, or purchasing sundry items of equipment.  It also gives assistance to groups and individuals when they make trips in the UK or overseas. Needs a minimum of 3 full months before any trip/event commences.

LSCT – The Leslie Sell Charitable Trust (